Book Review: “Night of the Living Demon Slayer”, by Angie Fox

Lizzie and Dimitri are back with a side of Zombie

A little housekeeping first. I was given the ARC (Advance Readers Copy) of this book for an honest review.

I truly enjoyed this novel. It remains true to the story and characters we have come to love with Angie’s other Demon Slayer novels but it can easily be read as a standalone book.
At times it is laugh out loud funny and others it’s so suspenseful I couldn’t put it down. I highly recommend this book as well as all of Angie Fox’s other works. They are a great read for vacations too. I happened to read mine while lounging in the pool. 

What kind of trouble can Lizzie, Pirate and the Biker Witches get into this time. Our adventure takes place in New Orleans. Lizzie is asked by her old friend Carpenter to come to New Orleans to help him with a problem that is too big for him to handle on his own. Well of course Lizzie has to go and help with her mad Demon Slayer skills but she knows that this is a big job so she asks the Red Skulls to join her on her quest. Nothing ever goes as planned for Lizzie especially with her friends help. When the group arrives in New Orleans they decide to stay in the haunted ancestral home of one of the biker witches. The spirit living there really takes a liking to Lizzie. Lizzie’s husband Dimiti joins the group after they have had a setback. The reunion of the newlyweds is sizzling. Even with Dimitii and the Red Skulls help Lizzie still has problems defeating the evil voodoo priest, his family and followers. The evil mans mother has some very powerful dark magic and the army she creates could potentially kill every human in New Orleans.