SoulKiss by RJ Thompson

I throughly enjoyed this book and can’t wait for the next volume in the Soulmate series. The nook is a full length novel that I got totally lost in as I was reading. It has many interesting facets; a love story, Greek mythology, time travel, archaeology, revenge, murder and mystery. All of these elements together make a great book. Get your copy now !
*****Possible Spoilers*****

The main characters in the story our heroines – Arianna/Thalia, and our leading man – Arcareus, are destined to be together. One problem – a few thousand years. As an Archaeologist Arianna is very excited when offered the opportunity to work exploring the Greek ruined for a few months as part of her job. Unfortunately, she has been extremely stressed because of a recurring dream of herself and a very handsome man sharing an amazing kiss. Determined to enjoy this amazing opportunity she jumps into her work 1000%. Unbeknownst to Arianna, the Greek Gods of love (Aphrodite) and the sun (Apollo) are working against each other to rescue/destroy the life of Arcareus. During the reign of the gods Arcareus’s love, Thalia, was sacrificed to the God Apollo for reasons that are mystery to him. He is devastated but determined to find her soul and bring her back. He requests a power from Apollo that allows him to search for her soul in dreams. Aphrodite on the other hand is trying to help Arcareus accomplish his mission. Can Arcarues find her? Can he bring her back ? Is time travel possible? How? Why was she taken from him originally? Will Arianna love Arcareus the way Thalia did? Answering these questions and more is the journey that Soulkiss takes the reader on. And what a beautifully crafted story to guide the reader along to explore all the possibilities and encourage us to believe that with Faith, Love can survive any obstacles even death and time. Grab your own copy and get lost in love.  


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