A Little Night Magic by Angie Fox


 All of these wonderful stories by Angie Fox all in one place. I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of these stories. They are fun and entertaining. This is an amazing opportunity to get to meet the characters that I have come to love. There are biker witches, people who can communicate with ghosts, and lots of other interesting personalities in these pages. Be sure to take this opportunity to read all of these wonderful and engaging stories.



Ghost of a Chance by Angie Fox


This novella finds the main character Verity in yet another sticky situation. As the towns resident “Ghost Whisperer”, she is called upon by a ghost she befriended previously, Major Matthew Jackson of the Union Army, to retrieve something from his mother to give to his girlfriend Josephine. It is of great importance that he has this object but due to previous family problems he is unable to obtain it on his own. If Verity is involved nothing can ever be straight forward and easy. She has the ability with the help of her ghost shadow Frankie the German to get into all kinds of interesting situations and this time is no different. Set during the holidays she sees her opportunity to help Matthew when her friend Lauralee is hired to cater a Christmas party at Matthew’s child hood home. I laughed out loud at some of Verity’s antics. I have loved this series from the very first book and look forward to reading many more adventures of Verity. Be sure to grab a copy now and get to know Verity and the rest of the gang.